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Test rides

LEEBIKES operates an extensive range of 100% electric demo scooters and motorcycles so that you can make the best informed selection based on design, performance, range and cost.








Booked Test Ride Dates


Test ride requirements

In order to take one of our demonstrators out for a test ride you'll need to provide us with a valid UK licence that entitles you to drive the machine of your choice, a proof of address that's no more than three-months old and your NI number. This will enable us to check your licence and provided it's valid, and shows no more than 10 penalty points over the last five years, you'll be good to go.


We come to you

We can arrange to bring a bike to you, however, there will be a cost depending on how far away you live from our store.but this cost would be refunded if you purchase a machine within three months of the test ride.


Loss or damage

You will be responsible for any damage you do to a motorcycle during your test ride, up to the value of our excess of £1000.

Models available currently

Zero S 11kW
Zero FXS 33kW
Zero DS 11kW
Zero SR/F
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Zero SR/S
CUx Ducati
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TCMAX (wire wheel shown)
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