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About Spark Motos 

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Test ride the fabulous, award winning

Zero SR/F in the Surrey Hills.

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Box Hill is just down the road from Spark Motos. Ride the Zero 7.2 FXS, it's stunning.

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Spark Motos specialises in 100% electric mopeds, scooters and motorcycles, with a range of over 20 models from three, carefully selected manufacturers. Although we're based just two minutes from junction 11 of the M25 in Addlestone, Surrey, we welcome the opportunity to serve customers from anywhere in the UK.


Whilst electric motorcycles may not look too different at first glance, that's pretty much where the similarities end. Electric motorcycles have so many advantages over their petrol predecessors, that we believe they should be presented as an entirely new and very exciting category. We believe that when

seriously considering a major change, you need  to talk with people who are fully committed, hugely knowledgeable and able to give the best possible advice.


Our approach is simply to understand your needs, answer all your questions and if we establish that electric is for you, we'll want you to take a test ride on one of our many demonstrators, so you can prove that to yourself. We can either do that at our store in Addlestone or we can come to you. (Although there would be a fee for coming to you, it would be fully refundable if you made a purchase.)


We offer machines made by Zero, Nui and   Super Soco, who only craft electric  motorcycles - in exactly the same way that Tesla only builds electric cars. We believe that if  you want to buy the future, it's best to turn to  the brands of the future, and that's exactly what  we see in Zero, Nui and Super Soco.


Going electric isn't just about saving the planet, it's about making a choice that will give you greater enjoyment with a lower cost of ownership. Achieving the equivalent fuel economy of between 250-1000 mpg, with no tailpipe emission and hardly any noise certainly ticks a few boxes, but these are by no means why electric motorcycles are the future you can have today. 



Stop off at lovely locations in peace and quiet,

soft drinks only though!

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The open road is possible, with fast 1 hour fast charging which could get you 140 miles. 

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