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The press acclaimed Zero SR/S.


On the twisty roads in the South of France, I was more than satisfied with street mode. Even when we hit the mountain passes, I didn't want more power and I was able to have a spirited, enjoyable ride.

Adam "Chad" Child - MS&L magazine - August 2020


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Photography Austin Colle

Stop off at lovely locations in peace and quiet.



Zero_Logomark_2D_White_Large space surro

Zero was established in Santa Cruz California in 2006 where it designs and builds the world's best selling full power electric motorcycles. Since launching its first model in 2010 there's been huge change with eight models available today, spanning the key categories of off-road, supermoto, dual sport, sport and super sport.


Whilst Zero motorcycles appeal to true enthusiasts, they're highly accessible, with a choice of machines in the 11kW (125cc) category, only there are huge differences that set them apart, like the staggering amount of torque available, from the first RPM. That translates in the real world to an instant throttle response and a relentless surge of power that will leave petrol-driven counterparts standing.


Zero motorcycles can be ordered with a wide range of power options, from faster chargers which can reduce recharge time to around an hour, to additional battery capacity, providing up to 18kWh and giving a range of up to 200 miles. 

Come and have a test ride, Newlands Corner and Box Hill are only a short ride away. The Surrey Hills, an area of outstanding beauty are all here for you to test ride the 100% electric Zero's in the country lanes without disturbing the tranquil countryside.

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