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Built for the City

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NQi Sport 

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NIU was founded in June 2015 and is the world’s leading provider of smart, urban mobility solutions, having also created the Smart Scooter category; 100% electric, cloud connected scooters that can be managed via a mobile app. So far NIU has sold more than 1m electric, two wheeled vehicles and is on track to sell more than 600k in 2020.


In the UK NIU offers three different scooter platforms; the U, the M and the N ranges. U and M models are very light, use a single Lithium-ion battery and are restricted to 28 mph (moped class). The N series models can have two batteries for increased range and power, and the  GTS model variants are both capable of 45 mph (125cc class).


NIU products include LCD displays, multiple riding modes, LED lighting, auto cancelling indicators, speed- lock (cruise control) feature, an anti-theft alarm, a GPS and Cellular enabled Cloud CPU that connects to the NIU mobile app and a USB phone charger.


NIU designs and manufactures all its products in China, but has significant partnerships with Panasonic and Bosch for their battery and motor technology respectively.


In 2021 Nui will extend their range of smart urban transport to include an electric motorcycle capable of 100 mph and a revolutionary, three-wheeled, enclosed design, with innovative camera and sensor technology to significantly enhance rider safety.

Spark Motos Web Zero bike intro pages3.p
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Built for the City

NIU & the Future


RQi-GT electric motorcycle

The new RQi-GT is an urban performance electric motorcycle, allowing riders to reach the outer limits of their city at top speeds of 100 miles per hour. Distinct driving modes let drivers customize the e-motorcycle to suit their daily life and commuting needs by optimizing the vehicle’s performance. Designed and built around NIU’s advanced technology, the motor provides a peak output power of 30 kW and the two removeable batteries (combined 6.5 kWh) can take riders up to 80 miles on a single charge, making it the perfect mode of transportation for navigating both urban highways and congested city streets.

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